Baby Watch

**Just added!** Check out “Small Steps-Big Changes” to see how the Baby Watch program made a difference in the lives of students at Stephen Girard Elementary School!

 The BABY WATCH PROGRAM began in the mid-1970s as an innovative program that introduced young students to the concepts of child development and nurturing relationships. Infants and parent/caregivers are “adopted” by a school for an entire year. With this program, ECP is able to transform ordinary classrooms into interactive learning labs in which students examine the complex parent-child relationship and learn to care for and nurture themselves and others. Students are able to observe, ask questions, and predict changes in the baby’s development.

As one teacher from the Philadelphia school district describes:

“ECP is not just a program that principals and teachers should want in their classrooms but rather one they need in their classrooms. The program is so well integrated with real world situations and problem solving that it is a program no school should be without.”