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  1. ECP’s 2nd Annual Halloween Party and Costume Give-Away

    Parents were just as excited as the children about getting their faces painted, playing games, the arts and crafts, and receiving Halloween safety tips. It…

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  2. Breaking Cycles – Building Futures

    Sasha and Gerald refuse to be just another statistic. It’s challenging to maintain a romantic relationship at any age, but teenagers especially tussle with the turbulent…

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  3. Monique Bowman

    “ECP teaches you different ways to raise your child and how to build better relationships.” She’s anything, but typical At first glance Monique Bowman looks like your…

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  4. What Part of Prevention Do Americans Not Understand: A Case Study

    “It costs approximately $130,000 to keep one teenager in a Pennsylvania juvenile detention center for one year.” It will cost less than $200 per year…

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