Barb has been an active member of ECP’s Broad since 2009. Immediately after Barb joined the Board she began working with staff and board members to advance the agency’s mission concentrating on raising critically needed funds.



“I am honored to be part of the Educating Communities for Parenting family. As the newly elected Board Chair, I am excited about the opportunities I’ve had to join staff in making real differences in the lives of children, youth and families.”

Enthusiastic about her new leadership role, Barb vows to expand her commitment, energy, fresh ideas and passion on board development, fund-raising, and volunteer services.

A former teacher, Barb understands the importance of providing youth with skills they need to take care of themselves and their families and become responsible independent adults by helping them to be the best they can be. “I have always loved being able to “turn on the light bulb” for students, and being able to see the “aha!” expression after some hard work. Seeing kids get excited about learning is extremely rewarding.”

ECP welcomes the energy, commitment, expertise and passion Barb brings to the Board.